Let's Right the Party
Rob Anderson

For Utah State Republican Party Chair



There are many areas where the Utah GOP can improve, but I know that the most important priorities must be the following.

Protect State Rights

I am Rob Anderson Candidate for the Utah Republican Party Chair. The main reason I am running for the Chair position is that Utah is the most well-run state in the country because its people are good, but there are many threats from the federal government to trample the conservative, faith-driven values that make Utah a leader of democracy.

If we do not post our standard and fight to govern ourselves and reject the federal overreach perched on our doorstep, we will lose our rights as a State and the liberties that make the people of Utah the best in the country.

As Chairman I will ensure that only freedom minded conservatives represent our party. Our job as a party is to coordinate our elected officials to work in unison to ensure the continuation of a prosperous and conservative Utah.

Restoring Financial Integrity

Few know the Utah Republican Party is currently Financial crisis where the donors have atrophied. There are many reasons why this is the case, but the most obvious reason is that the current leadership of the Party has lost focus on essential and critical elements of our Grand Old Party.

We call ourselves a Party because we have rallied, united around conservativism. We organized a Party because we the people understand that united we the people can accomplish far more good than we could alone. The Party leadership should be accountable to guarantee that the most basic premises of the Party are fulfilled.

Improve Communication

While serving in the United States Air Force, I learned the importance of communication. In any attempt to unify efforts, whether in war or as a group of like-minded conservatives, our ability to communicate is paramount.

As a Party, we have fallen behind the curve of utilizing technology to help promote the ideas of conservatism. There are hundreds of thousands of next-generation voters who are not connecting with conservative ideals that make Utah great and prosperous. Today, media permeates our youth. As a result, the loudest and most consistent voices are the ones typically believed and followed. It is time for the Utah Republican Party to become an influential and logical voice through outreach initiatives to our youth, minorities, and all conservative voices that are currently underrepresented in our party. I've learned, through 25 years of military service, that proactive strategy consistently wins. When we react, we are working from a losing position. This is unacceptable. We can do better.

Conservativism is the backbone of who we are. Conservatism is embraced by anyone who engages in critical thinking and common sense. Conservatism only needs to be connected to the people, and it will thrive.


Below is a selection of videos outlining my positions on different issues.

Meet Rob Anderson?

This video is an introduction to Rob Anderson and what he stands for.

Rob Anderson on OUR Caucus System

I want to be clear about my position on the Caucus System and Count My Vote.

Let's Talk Finances 

We lost our Financial Integrity.

Let's Right the Party!

The Rise of Socialism in Utah

We are losing our next generation of conservatives. Here's how to fix it.

About Rob Anderson

Rob Anderson has proven to be an effective leader throughout his life. Let's take a look at what has made him who he is.

  • Early Years

    Raised to produce results

    Rob Anderson, born in Wyoming, was raised on a family owned cattle ranch. After graduating from Star Valley High School!

  • US Air Force Academy

    Academic Excellence

    Rob attended the United States Air Force Academy where he majored in Aeronautical Engineering, with a minor in Mandarin Chinese.

  • Us Air Force Veteran

    History of Selfless Service

    Rob attended flight training in Columbus, MS earning the Commanders Trophy and graduating first in his class. For the next 22 years, he flew the premier fighter of its time, the F-15 Eagle Rob served overseas and domestically, including four Tours of Duty in the Middle East.

  • Family and Community Leadership

    Leading and Raising the next generation of conservatives

    Rob lives in Bountiful, with his wife, Kathleen. They have eight children ranging in age from 15 to 26.

    Rob serves as the Chairman of the Davis County Republican Party


  • Support

Contact ROB

Rob is not only a really great leader but he is approachable too. Send him a message.